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Every UK limited company needs a public Registered Office address. To protect your privacy, you can use our free & exclusive, registered address service and avoid your home address from being publicly displayed on Companies House.

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What is a registered office?

A Registered Office address is a legal requirement for all UK limited companies. It is their official communication address and is made publicly available at Companies House.

The Registered Office address is typically used by government bodies, such as Companies House, HMRC or the courts to communicate with the company. The Registered Office address does not need to be the same address from where you trade, nor does it have to be located in the same region. If you trade from home, this makes it easier to keep your residential address private.

One of the requirements for the Registered Office address is that it must be a physical location, in the UK - so no mailboxes are allowed. You should only choose an address in the same jurisdiction in which your company is registered e.g. England and Wales, Scotland or Norther Ireland.

Why have a registered office?
  • Protection - a Registered Office address protects your residential address from being displayed on the public register
  • Receive communication - the address will be used by government bodies, such as Companies House or HMRC, to communicate with the company.
  • Visible to all - the registered office address of the company must be displated on company assets, such as websites and stationery

Key benefits


Get an exclusive address that is not being shared by 100,000's of other UK companies.

Forwarding of post

We'll forward any correspondance received from government bodies, including Companies House & HMRC.

No monthly fees

Annual service but included in our Privacy, Professional and All-inclusive package for the first year.


Whether you are trading from a business premises, or home, your privacy is increased by using a Registered Office address service.

Quick and easy

Our Registered Office address is used immediately on formation which means you don't need to expose your residential address at all.

Prevent spam mail

To prevent unsolicited and spam mail and visitors arriving at your home address.

Registered office address services

Choose our Privacy, Professional or All-Inclusive formations packages and get our Registered office address service completely free of charge for the first 12 months.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our Registered Office address service

How much does the Registered Office address service cost?

All packages, except for the Digital package, includes the Registered Office service free of charge for the first year. The service is renewed (or can be purchased at any point after formation) at a cost of £39.95+vat per annum.

Can I change my Registered Office address after the company is formed?

You can change your Registered Office address whenever you like after setting up your limited company. You will need to update Companies house and any stationery or other media that display the address.

Can I use the Registered Office to receive other post?

The Regsistered Office address service only supports mail from official government bodies, such as Companies House, HMRC or the courts. We do not accept business-related post to the Registered Office.

How is my post handled when its received?

When we receive post to the Registered Office, we will open, scan and send the documents to you electroncially, so you remain on top of the important mail delivered by relevant official bodies.

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