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If you're intending to employ people, or even pay yourself a salary, your company will need to register for PAYE with HMRC so that any deductions, such as tax or National Insurance can be declared and paid.

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What is PAYE?

PAYE, or Pay as you earn is a system, operated by HMRC, for deducting tax and National Insurance contributions from yours, or your employee wages.

If you need to employ staff within your company, even if that's you, you will probably need to pay wages for the work they've done.

PAYE is HMRC's system for collecting income tax and National Insurance contributions from those wages.

As an employer, you will calculate and collect PAYE from all your staff wages at the appropriate rates on a weekly or monthly basis. Then, each month, you calculate the total amount deducted from all wages and pay this to HMRC.

To aide in calculating the PAYE deducted, you will need to purchase a payroll software and this will be used to calculate and declare what deductions need to be made.


Register for PAYE

First, our expert accounting consultants will provide advice and support to you on PAYE. If applicable, we'll complete the forms and submit them to HMRC electronically.



Once submitted, HMRC will carry out some tests on the information provided. Typically, the application is processed within 10 working days and a PAYE reference number is issues.


Operate payroll

Once you start paying salaries, you will calculate what deductions are needed for each payment and pay the difference to the employee.


Declare PAYE

Typically, each month, you will calculate how much PAYE has been deducted in that month and a declaration is submitted followed by a payment to HMRC.

PAYE registration from Clever Formations

We can provide a PAYE number for your new company and advise on how to operate payroll

Expert advice

Before registration, you get access to an accountancy consultation that will allow you to discuss your PAYE options.


If PAYE registration is applicable, we'll prepare and submit your PAYE registration application to HMRC.

PAYE number

Normally, within 10 working days, HMRC will process the application and we'll send your PAYE numbers to you.

Our PAYE registration service includes everything you need to become PAYE registered and compliant and is priced at £39.95.

*free of charge on the professional and all-inclusive package

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our PAYE registration service

Do all businesses have to register for PAYE?

You only need to register for PAYE if you intend to start employing people, or you wish to start paying yourself a salary from the company.

How long before I get my PAYE number?

In most cases, it will take around 10 working days to receive your PAYE reference numbers from HMRC. However, if HMRC need more information about the business, this might extend the lead time.

What do I need when I'm PAYE registered?

If you plan to manage the payroll for your employees yourself, we recommend investing in payroll software to manage the deductions as they can be quite complicated. Alternatively, our expert accounting partner, Clever Accounts, can help. Ask for more information here.

How do I know how much to deduct?

The level at which you deduct PAYE from an employee will vary and is dependent on the amount earned and their tax code. Using suitable software, or outsourcing the payroll function will ensure you calculate the PAYE correctly.

PAYE is important to calculate correctly.

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