Confirmation Statement filing

Every year, every UK limited company must complete and submit a confirmation statement to Companies House. Find out more about the confirmation statement and how we can help submit this for you.

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What is a Confirmation Statement?

A confirmation statement is a snapshot of the management and ownership of the limited company.

When you form a UK limited company at Companies House there are certain obligations you must perform each year to ensure the company is compliant. One of these obligations is to prepare and submit a confirmation statement each year.

Due on the anniversary of the company's incorporation, a confirmation statement provides a snapshot of the management and ownership of the company as at the date it's made up to. It also provides an opportunity to make any amendments to incorrect information.

The confirmation statement must be submitted each year, together with a filing fee of £13. Failure to do so, can carry a penalty and risk the company being closed down.

Legal document

The confirmation statement is a legal document and must be submitted, each year to Companies House.

Payment needed

When the confirmation statement is submitted to Companies House, you must also pay a £13 filing fee.

Provides a snapshot

It provides a snapshot of the structure of the company on each anniversey of the company's incorporation.

Confirmation statement filing from Clever Formations

Each year, we can produce and submit the confirmation statement and cover the £13 filing fee

Confirm any changes

Before the confirmation statement is due, we'll send you an email asking you to confirm whether there are any changes to your company.


We'll prepare the confirmation statement based upon the information given and submit the document to Companies House. We'll also pay the filing fee.


Once filed with Companies House, we'll email you to confirm that the confirmation statement was successfully accepted.

Our confirmation statement filing service includes preparing, submitting and the £13 filing fee for an annual fee of £34.95

*free of charge for the first year when you purchase the professional and all-inclusive package

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our Confirmation Statement filing service

What information do I need to supply?

If you formed the company with ourselves, you do not need to send us any information upfront. We'll send you, prior to submission, a summary of the current company data and we'll ask you to confirm whether this is correct.

If you are a new customer, you will need to create an account and import your company. We can advise you on how to do this.

When is the confirmation statement due?

A confirmation statement is due 14 days after the anniversary of the company's date of of incorporation. This is then repeated each year on the same anniversary.

If you fail to submit the confirmation statement, Companies House may impose a penalty and could start proceedings to close down your company.

I received a reminder from Companies House and it looks serious?

If you recevied a reminder to file your confirmation statement from Companies House, you should contact us straight away. We'll start the process and ensure the document is updated at Companies House. Our fee to file the confirmation statement is £34.95.

I need help with the structure of my business?

Unfortunately, we can't provide any advice or support on how to structure your business in the best tax efficient way. However, we can refer you to our accounting partner, Clever Accounts and they will be able to provide support to your questions. Please contact them here

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