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Understanding the finances of your new limited company is key to increasing the chances of its success. Furthermore, using a bookkeeping & invoice app vastly reduces the administration of your company and keeps you in control of your numbers.

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What is a bookkeeping & invoicing app?

A bookkeeping tool, amongst other things, is used to invoice your customers, check how much you owe suppliers, calculate your VAT returns or tax returns and generally provides you a breakdown of your profit you generate.

A bookkeeping app can vastly save you time on administration, be there to help form financial decisions, helps manage your cashflow and let's you review your past activity..

A bookkeeping app is typically accessed online and should form an essential tool of your business. Once you start making purchases, or earning money, recording these transactions in to an app will help you manage your administration by showing you what you've bought and how much you've earned.

Not only does it help keep your finances in order, by recording each income and expenditure item, it will also help you calculate and submit your VAT returns, if relevant, and calculate your annual accounts.


Helps your cashflow by managing who owes you money and who you owe money to, to ensure a constant flow of cash in and out.

Calculate taxes

Helps to calculate your tax liabilities in real-time, so you are always prepared and therefore, should never receive unexpected bills.

Overview of your business

Gives you confidence on how well your limited company is performing at any time, by generating profit and loss reports and other analysis.

What's included in our bookkeeping app?

Exclusivity, privacy and peace of mind at little to no cost, are some of the benefits you get with our company registered address service

Unlimited access

Get unlimited, 24-7 hour access to a modern and secure bookkeeping app.

Connect your bank

Connect your bank via open banking to reduce administration and manual entry of transactions.


Create and sending one-off and recurring invoics to your customers and manage who owes you.

Wage & Dividends

Calculates the amount of wages & dividends that are available to withdraw from your limited company at any time.


Use the dashboard to get all your figures quickly and easily so you can make decisions quicker and more accurately.

Fully supported

Our app is fully supported and is constantly being updated and improved to increase user interactivity.

Our Bookkeeping App is charged at an affordable £59.95 + vat per year

* included in the All-Inclusive package

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our Bookkeeping App

How much does the Bookkeeping App cost?

The bookkeeping app is free for the first year when you register a new limited company via the All-Inclusive package. However, you can purchase the app on any other limited company formation package.

Can I submit my VAT returns using the app?

Yes, our bookkeeping app is fully MTD compliant, meaning you can prepare and submit all your VAT returns with a single click of the button.

How do I connect my bank account?

Our bookkeeping app uses Open Banking to set up the connection with your bank account. Using a very secure method of authentication, once set up, your transactions flow into our app daily.

Can I stop using the app at any time?

Yes, you can stop using our bookkeeping app at any time you wish.

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