How to form a limited company - Clever Formations guides

Forming a limited company is effortless when you choose Clever Formations to help you.

Start by thinking about what you would like to call your new limited company. You’ll need a unique name, that’s not been used before and preferably something that describes your business well.

There are rules surrounding naming your company and you'll need to be aware of these.

Choose your formation package

Next, choose from one of our formation packages that best suits the needs of your requirements. You’ll need to consider whether you just need to secure a company name for the time being, or wish to start trading in the near future.

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Purchase and register your details

Next, choose what additional items you would like to addon to your order and then purchase your required package.

Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can contact us via telephone or livechat for further help guidance.

Starting by choosing your package

Form your new company

You'll then need to provide us information about the company and details of all directors and shareholders.

Once completed, we'll process the information and send to Companies House and within 3-6 hours your new company will be formed.

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